Anonymous said: What the fuck delphis. Why in the hell would you bedazzle your square? It's like you're asking me to kick that shit off. Oh wait i already did.

Anonymous said: I just wish i could find a nice intelligent female to cuddle with

Anonymous said: Sometimes it seems like men (and women too) these days have such ridiculous expectations of their partners. And I'm not talking about them expecting someone to be perfect, or smart, or sexy, or thin, or rich. I mean, they either expect to fuck around with you, multiple times, and then hope that you maintain no "connection" to them outside of the fucking. Don't smile, don't look, don't text, don't talk. You can get your pleasure in the bedroom, but anything else, oh hell no. Then there is a-

Anonymous said: On a scale from Dick Pic to Nip Slip, how casual is Nolan's twerk?

Anonymous said: What does the Newt Say? ... Wait, what are newts?

Anonymous said: Pee on the Rhozes square, Check

Anonymous said: i shit my pants last night walking home from the bars

Anonymous said: Oh my gosh! What is the name of the guy you love?! What year is he?

Anonymous said: BAHAHAHAHA!!! The Arrows are fucking studs!

Anonymous said: Real men like big booty bitches.

Anonymous said: I followed the guy i love a few thousand miles from home and im still here while he loves someone else. we are still best friends but its so hard to be around him and not have him.

Anonymous said: THETAS RUIN LIVES. I think it's because their lives were ruined by becoming thetas. It's probs hard to put on makeup for an hour a day and try to fuck everyone who doesn't wanna fuck you.

Anonymous said: Why do the arrows always try and fuck everybody aren't u all lesbians anyway

Anonymous said: nasty ass rapey guys at bars gtfo

Anonymous said: ladies who sleep with other ladies boyfriends, knowingly, are sluts. special place in hell lols. do what you want with your bodies. maybe one day another lady will do it to you too. wooo!!!

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